Volume 3, Number 1:1-21;2016
American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology

Amanda VH Thornton, Keith A Joiner: Safely unsterile: understanding the anatomical and immunologic niches of placental, urinary and vaginal microbiomes. Am J Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol 2016;3(1):1-15. (Abstract AJCEOG0013083, Full text, PDF).

Kenneth Hatch, Ina Steinmetz, Jennifer Whitehair, Alton Hallum: Influence of resident training on length and outcome of laparoscopically assisted radical vaginal hysterectomy for treatment of early cervical cancer. Am J Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol 2016;3(1):16-21. (Abstract AJCEOG0007384, Full text, PDF).
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